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packing poche


packing, cutting, revealing

a series of study models
cast y mold

mold - 3D prints
cast - fabric en gelatin

layers of fabric wrapped over one another, experimenting with the condition of the gelatin casting the fabric in place - the positions, how they squeeze in between the hard mold to form spaces.

rotating, unrolling o unfolding, slicing
the imperfections and rawness of physical model gets captured through a lens, flattened, and intuitively retraced with the limitations of spaces and programs. The process of translation and mistranslation results in the physical model being represented and misrepresented in the digital space.



packing poche - library 
Madrid, Spain

This project seeks to rework the poche by using the techniques of packing, cutting, and revealing. Borrowing qualities from the integrity of fabric this project aims to refine spatial conditions by nesting and enveloping layers, twisting forms of fabric and capturing minute details through casting. The juxtaposition of clean and hard forms against softer qualities of fabric creates intimate moments of both tension and inertia. These moments are then suspended in place, preserving remnants of their juxtaposition revealing an imperfect poche. Poché is as a way to abstract unoccupiable areas and relegate them to the background, against which the occupiable areas stand out. During the Rennaissance, poche, represented by solid black infill, divided the spaces and gave the plan a type of heaviness. Later, poche became more figured, as it mediated between different ideas on the interior and exterior. Packing poche builds off of historical references but then introduces different figural and textural qualities that generate unique spatial conditions.