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Yun Ki has always been a collector of nice things, particularly fabrics, papers, and the memories they hold. Keeping them close, rereading, and being inspired by them over and over. Though she spends a lot of time on her laptop archiving moments and honing her digital skills to stay current (est. 2013), she prefers analog, hands-on activities that allow her to express and sort her feelings and thoughts through her works. This has led her to work with experimental artists and architects during her time studying in a former freight depot and she continued to be a Master of Architecture at German Shepherd Dog. Her interest in intuitively designing spaces to make living more interesting has led her to take three housing option studios in a row (00   01   02). She is now dipping into interior architecture and working alongside Jaime. She snips and shapes now and then; the reflection’s unexpecting and ever-expanding, but she’s really just experimenting. Between stitching and stroking, looking and touring, watching and talking, it's reading and resting and commuting and daydreaming an endless abyss of nothingness, yet at times, she feels like she's preaching to empty seats, but that's alright cuz she's still floating and drifting off to wherever she likes.