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in solitude: yet not always alone

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Agnes Martin

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Unite d’ Habitation

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in solitude: yet not always alone
Boston, MA 

In solitude yet not alone, a community tucked away in the dense forest, disconnected from the rest of the world. My home lifted from the ground by endless trunks sprouting from its roots. The shadows and silhouettes of my neighbors swayed in the wind like leaves among other trees.

I slid under the wedged-out entrance and parked my bike. Should I brave the stairwell? It’s been a long day, but the elevators are stuck on the third floor... stairs it is…

A snap echoed through the stairways; again, Ando’s train set strewn about. I hope I didn’t break it. I ought to let Remy know the little one was doing it again. I dropped by the mailroom in hopes that I would finally get a reply from you, but I guess I was just waiting in vain.

Was the machine rumbling or vibrating? My senses were jumbled, but I believed it was both, which reminded me that I needed to do my laundry again…

As I walked down the corridor, I noticed dancing figures behind the screens and wondered what they were doing today. Some piqued my interest with their walls opened, and their stairs angled in a strange way that was so unlike mine. Oh, and they have the ps5; it’s time to start warming up to them. A couple of them left their walls ajar, partially filling my imagination with a life that I had never been in. I should stop being nosey.

I could gradually hear boisterous laughter. I saw my neighbors gorging on pizzas, or were they cakes? Tandoori was in the air. I was sure it was Ms. Panjaitan, from M3-25, who always had her walls folded to the side as if tempting me to get a taste. Right! Thursday is potluck night! Perhaps I’d get a real taste of it this time...

A faint, delicate pitter-patter resonated down the corridor. I pushed my accordion-like wall aside and plopped my keys on the console. As the steps descended, I lowered my head and traced my fingertips along the contour of the rise and run. Grabbing the cup you gave me from the counter, I emptied a packet of Swiss Miss, poured hot water from my thermal flask, and dropped two marshmallows into it. Hmm... I’m glad I arrived just in time. I sank into my lounge chair and picked up the letter. My name bled into it along with yours - dark and permanent. I guess this would be my last attempt. I sipped on my hot cocoa while watching the rain cascade down my window wall. Oh shit, there’s a leak! Good thing I’m not wet.